About our Organization
“GOLDEN ROBOT” is Robotics Solution Provider(RSP). They are both Expert System Integrator(ESI) & Authorized Distributor(AD) of various robotics goods.
Dr. Kitti, who speaks Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese(Chaozhou) has a B.Eng and M.Eng in Electronics Engineering and a (Dr.Eng) PhD in Robotics Engineering. Kitti loves working with robots. He had this passion since his childhood but now he is well paid for doing what he loves. Dr. Kitti, currently holds the post as an Invited Researcher at Waseda University, Japan where he completed his PhD in Robotics. He worked for 2.5 years as a Senior Systems Engineer at OTC-DA before forming Golden Robot. Due to his experiences, Dr. Kitti and his team have become respected specialists in robot welding and are held in high esteem throughout the Thai automotive industry after installing hundreds of robots at the manufacturers and sub-contractors production facilities
Golden Robot, a recent but fast growing RSP company located in Rayong Thailand, which is Eastern Economics Corridor Area (EEC). Golden Robot is managed by Dr. Kitti Suwanratchatamanee, who is also responsible for all system engineering designs such as Robotics, Electronic, Electrical, Logic, Mechanical, Program and Simulation. Dr. Kitti is the eldest son of Mr. Bandhit who is the Rouam Charoen Group's President (R.C.Group).
Our Showrooms
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                 URL: www.kitti-robotics.com  
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1. Head office Showroom
The 1st created showroom is located in our head office (1st floor of the RC-Building at Banchang, Rayong) In this showroom we have installed the welding robot systems for demonstrating the automatic welding and safety systems as well as the other various robot applications to our visitors. Such as, Handling, Cutting, and etc.
2. Amata Nakorn Showroom
The 2nd created showroom is located in the Thai-German Institute (TGI) at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi. In this showroom we have installed the 7 Axes welding robot and a large size handling robot to provide the training to our customers and interested people. This place also count as the training center and the research center with TGI called "The robot work-cell creating center"   
Golden Robot is the most advanced authorized distributor of OTC DAIHEN and ABB Robots. OTC DAIHEN is originally from Japan and ABB are originally from Europe. OTC-DAIHEN Asia (OTC-DA) is the main suppliers of advanced welding equipment, consumables and robots in Thailand as well as Southeast Asia, Middle East and Oceania. They has operated a factory in Thailand for over 25 years.
R.C.Group is a group of companies, which is more than 500 employees major authorized distributor of industrial equipment throughout Thailand for over 35 years such as Dewalt, Stanley, Kobelco, Daito-Seiki, Atlas Copco and etc.
Moreover, Golden Robot is also an authorized technical system partners and distributors of many quality products related in robot field, such as Vision sensors for objects recognition and Safety sensors from Turck-Banner, Pneumatic Technology for Robot Automate Applications from CKD, Welding fume and dust extraction machines/systems from Nederman and etc.

About our MD. and Founder " Dr. Kitti "