- Standard Products -
Arc Welding Robot
Spot Welding Robot
       Welding Parts
(Torch, Nozzle, Liner, Contact-tip)
(For rotating work-pieces)

   Weldingfilter System
Fume & Dust Extraction Machines
Arc Torch
Laser Cut/Welding Robot
Spot Gun
Welding Machine
Shielding Gas Saving                  Regulator
Universal Clamping System        (Jigs, Fixture and Clamps)

 Industrial Sensing System
 Vision camera, Laser Sensors & Etc.
- Electronic / Software / R&D Projects - 
Liquid Level Sensor
FD-ST & FD on Desk
Robot Simulation & Offline Teaching Program
Spray Gun
Explosion Proof Robot
(Painting application)
(R&D Project)
 Tool-Changing System
  (Rotary joint and Compliancer)
Robot Studio
Robot Simulation & Offline Teaching Program
Laser  Scanner
 Flexible-cables, Polymer parts 
(Bearings, Bushings, Ball-joint, linear guide)
Beveller & Power Tools
        Pneumatic System 
(Pneumatic Cylinder, Valves and Fitting)
Electrical Grippers
Robot System WorkCell
End of Arm Tooling & Grippers
Chassis for wire feeder
- Order-Made Products - 
Design / Fabrication by order
Large Sliding Robots System 
Jigs & Fixtures
(Collaborative Robot)
         Heating System
(Induction Welding Head & Controller)
Industrial Connectors
    Powerful Arm
(Human Assisting Device)
          Soft Grippers
Multi-purpose large steel tank
Vacuum Generator & Tools
Industrial Safety Sensors
 Inertial Measurement Unit 
High Accuracy Touch Probe
Welding Electrodes & Wires 
Nozzle Cleaning Stations
 (Auto-Machine for Welding Robot)
            SCARA Robot
(Selective Compliance Assembly Robot)