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Last updated: May 7, 2022
บริษัท โกลเด้น โรบอท เพ้นติ้ง จำกัด
บริษัท โกลเด้น โรบอท เพ้นติ้ง จำกัด


As we are in the group of Robotics Solution Provider, "GOLDEN ROBOT" is able to provide you as follows;

- Perform a feasibility study and research on your desired projects.
- Identify the correct items such as robot, tooling, sensor to create robot work-cell for your applications.
- Provide the most helpful cost-saving tips and always its best solution for your need.
- Provide the training and assist your technical / engineering team on robot programming and peripherals.
- Help incorporate the robot system into your working area setting suitably and fit for your dream factory.
- Provide the genuine items, spare parts and consumable parts for your machines and robot systems.
- Provide the after sale services, such as preventive maintenance(PM) to avoid the uncertain problems.
Integration is process of combining various industrial items to perform automated manufacturing tasks. Golden Robot Corporation is a group of robotics solution provider. These companies are doing both system integrator and authorized distributor of many quality products in robot field. Golden Robot will analyze of your robotics system needs. Also provide the suitable plan for automation and put its into actual production by give you the complete solution turn-key package also guides towards of industrial automation efficiently. 
Trading Services
Integrating Services
"Golden Robot Painting" is one of member comapany in the "GOLDEN ROBOT Corporation"

This company act as a trading company unit of this organization. They are mainly suppling the quality products related in painting equipments, such as the quality products from Anest Iwata. The Anest Iwata Company is a leading Japanese manufacturer of engineered solutions for air compressors, vacuum pumps, spray and finishing equipment. But not limited to the other products in the robotics field, Such as Explosion Proof Painting Robot from ABB(Sweden), Vision sensors for objects recognition and Safety sensors from Turck-Banner(Germany), Pneumatic Technology for Robot Automate Applications from CKD(Japan), Tool-Changing System, Rotary joint and Compliancer from BANDO(Japan), Flexible-Cables, Polymer parts such as Bearings, Bushings, Ball-joint, Linear guide from IGUS(Germany), Fume and dust extraction machines/systems from Nederman(Sweden) and etc.